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QA Manager passionate about platform user's safety


I am seeking a Quality Assurance Lead or Management position, ideally in the games industry.

Thanks for your consideration!

Current Role

Responsible for launching and updating the QA programs for Appeals, Experience Guidelines,
Immersive Ads, UGC Bundles, Voice, and Voice Appeals.

Powering Imagination

๐Ÿคน Skills

With skills honed, I conquer and fulfill, paying the bills with a talent-filled thrill.

  • Master of Memes

  • Code Whisperer

  • Emoji Enthusiast

  • Coffee Alchemist

  • Tech Jester

  • Multitasking Maestro

  • Problem-solving Ninja

  • GIF Guru

  • Dancing Debugger

  • Chief Emoji Translator

If you need a passionate QA Manager, hi, I'm Nichole.

Quality Assurance has always been very special to me, especially in gaming. As someone that's been online since close to when you first could be, I wish I had the moderation that there is today. Drawing from my own experiences and the passion for protecting the playerbase, I quickly determined areas that needed improvement. Often, this required branching out and interfacing with other teams. Forming meaningful interteam connections is something that I excel at. Within 2 years of employment I achieved the following:
- Created 5 brand new QA programs
- Overhauled and restructured our Appeals QA process
- Performed numerous Policy deep dives to identify areas of improvement
- Performed a listening tour with all of our BPOs to learn more about how we could upgrade our Knowledge Base to best serve them
- Performed needs analysis to uncover areas that we were lacking training in and draft out those trainings
- Developed 3 new training courses

I bring a voice to our BPOs

Supporting the people that are responsible for moderating the QA queues is one of my top priorities. Whenever I made a change, I was sure to reach out to our business partners and run the new process by them. Ultimately, I am not the one using the new process, they are. As such, I wanted to be positive that the process was helping to streamline their work, not make it harder.


I once devoured 50 boiled eggs at the office Christmas party, and the crowd erupted in awe, giving me a standing ovation for my astonishing feat and turning breakfast into an unforgettable "eggs-travaganza"!

Over 2 million Eggs eaten in 2023.

โณ Time Machine

I am the brilliant inventor of time travel, for I harnessed the very fabric of existence, journeying through the ages; alas, in a twist of fate, I lost my time machine, leaving me stranded in this era as a relic of unparalleled genius.

๐Ÿฅš Eggcellent

I once devoured 50 boiled eggs at the office Christmas party, and the crowd erupted in awe, giving me a standing ovation for my astonishing feat and turning breakfast into an unforgettable "eggs-travaganza"!

๐Ÿƒ Running

In a display of accidental athletic absurdity, I single-handedly shattered personal records and bewildered bystanders by completing the New York Marathon backward in under 2 hours, silently mourning the missed opportunity for a world record as I unwittingly defied the laws of both physics and common sense.

๐Ÿช™ Other

I can land a coin on heads 100% of the time.

Previous Employment

I have a rich technical support and quality assurance history.

Helping people is my

Lenel S2

In an unprecedented career twist, I was hired by none other than Bigfoot.My role involved managing his public relations, deftly navigating the challenges of hiding footprints, organising wild hair appointments, and fielding endless questions about his infamous shoe size.

Frontier Communications

I was hired to lend my voice to the original Alexa during my stint at Amazon.Unfortunately, my dulcet tones proved too captivating, as users shamelessly bombarded the virtual assistant with endless queries, simply craving the auditory bliss of my voice rather than seeking actual information.


Typically, this is where I'd check the box "some college."

I was going to be a teacher!

Chapelgate Academy

I received a rather unconventional education as a wizard under the tutelage of Gandalf the White, where, at the foot of Mordor, right after Frodo heroically rid Middle-earth of the One Ring.I learned spells, magical lore, and developed an uncanny ability to keep the neighborhood Hobbits entertained with mesmerising firework displays.

Howard Community College

Amidst the pinnacle of my time-traveling adventures, I ventured back to ancient Rome where I fearlessly trained alongside gladiators, mastering their mighty techniques.I once convinced them that my chariot race-winning dance moves were the secret to their unprecedented triumphs in the Colosseum.

Hobbies & Interests

I'm a Games Done Quick showrunner, streamer, and voice actor!

Please don't
slay me!

GDQ Showrunner

Games Done Quick is an organization that raises money for charity via speedrunning video games. I have the honor of not only being a host for their live events, but also running my own show, As Seen on TV!

Voice Actor

I've been voicing in horror podcasts for a decade now. I have also had the opportunity to be on 3 US tours with The NoSleep Podcast. More recently, you can hear me in the indie game Slay the Princess as the Princess.


I've been streaming since 2019 and find it a lovely way to interact with a community! I adore streaming, and am proud of my growth in the past five years!

Thank you for your time, and I hope to speak to you soon!